Our Working Groups

Women in STEM

Creating career pathways and long-term opportunities for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through technical training and mentorship

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Institutional Gender Lens Investing

Planting a stake in global credit markets around the importance of gender in investment decisions.

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Activating Black Capital

Unlocking more diverse sources of philanthropic and investment capital 'upstream' to empower social enterprises led by women and leaders of color 'downstream.'

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Capital Parity Project

Equitable Investing Practices for Gender Parity - because all women deserve the same consideration as men, no exceptions!

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Raising Financially Savvy Daughters

Supporting mothers to inspire and motivate their daughters to develop positive money habits, become more conscious of their financial health and take control of their future.

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Gender Equity in the Workplace

Driving Gender Equality across corporations, including but not limited to equal pay, fair parental leave policies, and pathways to promotion.

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Women’s Health in the Workforce

Normalizing women’s healthcare issues in the workforce to create more equitable opportunities regardless of disability, illness, needs, or size.

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Addressing Stigmatized Women's Issues

Shining a light on Domestic and Family Violence (DFV), educating girls and young women about financial abuse and business skills training for vulnerable women.

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