Raising Financially Savvy Daughters

Working to identify and develop tools to assist and support mothers to have the confidence to teach and coach their daughters to become financially savvy young women.  The Raising Financially Savvy Working Group aims to equip mothers with the tools and confidence they need to be positive role models and encourage their daughters to learn the basic skills of financial management as they embark on their own financial journeys.  Becoming financially savvy young women will help secure their future financial freedom.

Understanding Financial Basics Program

The initial Raising Financially Savvy Daughters program, Understanding Financial Basics, aims to highlight the essentials needed to manage your own finances.  With the right information, we believe you and your daughter will be equipped to make better choices with how you manage your money.  The program comprises a set of four different modules, each presented by expert lecturers, which you can access at your leisure.  At the end of the program, you should have greater confidence in managing your money or know what areas you would to learn more about.  The details of each module are set out below.


The program targets participants who are unsure of, or who have never been taught the basics of money management.  No prior knowledge required!

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Guest Lecturers

We are looking for professionals who are willing to assist with content creation and presentation of any of the modules set out below.  This is a flexible, virtual volunteer opportunity for working professionals.

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Module 1

Introduction to Budgeting – what is, and how to set and maintain your own budget.

Module 2

Saving and Investing – learn about what you can do with the money you save.

Module 3

Taxation and Superannuation – this module touches on how taxation impacts our lives and what is superannuation.

Module 4

Raising money for your business – for those with entrepreneurial tendencies, this module looks at how to go about seeking capital to start and run your own business.