Not one of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children.

Are you ok with this?


$10 trillion is the estimated annual value of women’s unpaid work, 13% of global GDP.

This needs to change.


Women on average earn just 82 cents for every $1 earned by men. The wage gap is even larger for most women of color.

It's time we're valued.


Women occupy only 17% of global board seats.

We deserve a seat at the table.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where all women and girls everywhere can fulfill their human potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, mentor and advocate for the next generation of female entrepreneurs, investors, directors and senior leaders so that they may feel emboldened and empowered as equal participants in the economy, as decision makers in society, as stewards of capital, and most importantly, as catalysts for change.

We need to get to work

The economic gender gap will take 267 years to close.

How are we helping to close this gap?

Join a Working Group

Join our global ThinkTank. Participate in one of our working groups, and create your own Impact Leader profile so you can connect with other mission-aligned individuals and organizations to help move the needle in women's economic empowerment.

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Learn about our Impact Innovation Lab

We help female leaders up their technical, financial and emotional game so they can scale their impact, lead with confidence and inspire change in their organizations and communities.

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Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

A compilation of free resources for social entrepreneurs and founders to support you as you pilot, pivot, and iterate your way to a successful social impact venture that helps to close global gender gaps.

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Resources for Gender Lens Investors & Funders

Helpful tools for gender lens investors, asset allocators and philanthropists wanting to learn more about the women's economic empowerment problem, understand the global landscape of solutions and identify high impact funding opportunities.

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impact leader spotlight

From our working group members

Madelaine Czufin
"Whether a woman is fundraising for her next fund, or next big idea to build a company, she should not face the challenges that are in the market today. All women deserve the same consideration as men, no exceptions!"
Alexandra Clunies-Ross
"When we only utilize half the population, we are only presented with half of the solutions"

Gerald Evelyn
"The key to a sustainable and resilient future is in equality for all and the optimal utilization of our most precious natural resource – mankind."

John McCartney
"Through our Women's Economic Empowerment Bond Fund we seek to bring a gender lens into capital allocation decisions and plant a stake in the global bond markets that recognizes the inherent value of gender equity in fixed income credit investing."
Kurt Tan
"Equality is the goal; capital allocation is the means. Let’s put our money where our values are and move into the future."
Mei Lee
"Accelerating women empowerment and gender equality are vital ingredients in achieving sustainable societies for our future generations."

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