What we stand for


SheSyndicate is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of women and girls everywhere. Through education, mentorship, outreach and capital stewardship, we are striving towards closing the economic gender gap in our life time.

There have been many positive strides in terms of women’s empowerment but we still face a significant gap when it comes to financial equality in all respects. With a future-focused outlook on inclusive economic growth, SheSyndicate uses programs and funding opportunities to address these inequalities.

Economic empowerment has far-reaching impacts not just for women as individuals, but for society as a whole and for the world. The inequalities that occur throughout a woman’s life with regard to economic issues influence their ability to thrive, save for retirement, achieve their own individual financial goals, and support their families. We believe that financial empowerment is crucial for bringing gender equality and women’s rights to fruition.

What we believe


Women around the world have yet to realize full gender equality. They face complex issues entering and succeeding in a variety of markets, including:  

  • Representation on boards and at the executive levels of influential companies
  • A gender pay gap that persists even with adjustment for hours worked, occupations chosen, job experience, and education.
  • Women tend to work in greater numbers in positions and industries that are economically vulnerable or informal.
  • Women are less likely than men to receive venture capital when pitching.
  • Cultural perceptions and gender norms about how, when, and in what capacity women should work.
  • Women struggle with negotiating their pay, promotions, and raises at work.
  • Women are responsible for a disproportionate amount of childcare and domestic work even when employed full-time.
  • Women are less likely to succeed as entrepreneurs around the world.
Making it happen


Our work with women

We are preparing the next generation of female entrepreneurs, executives, directors, and investors through human potential coaching and financial literacy training. We also provide issue-specific working groups and deliver programs including hosted events and workshops around topics like negotiation, raising capital, confidence, networking, technical skills and intra/entrepreneurship.

Our work with corporates

SheSyndicate partners with corporate leaders to empower more diverse executive leadership and to implement research-based evaluations to identify and target organizational gender gaps, including promotion pathways, equal pay, parental leave policies, and unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

This data is used to facilitate tailored educational events, honest conversations, workshop inclusive solutions, and share research around the economic case for diverse leadership. These programs support thought leadership and the use of best practices that include empowering all women in the workplace in developed countries.

Our work with funders

We support the giving strategies of philanthropists and gender lens investors and proactively help them to develop partnerships with mission-aligned organizations in order to fund solutions around systems change, financial inclusion, local development finance, and advancement of the gender lens investing industry.

SheSyndicate will be stewarding up to US$60 million in donation funding from the Artesian Women's Economic Empowerment Bond Fund, in partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund, Equileap and the Women Entrepreneurs Foundation.