About Us

What we stand for


SheSyndicate is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of women and girls everywhere. Through education, mentorship, outreach and capital stewardship, we are striving towards closing the economic gender gap in our life time.

There have been many positive strides in terms of women’s economic empowerment but we still face a significant gap.  We are trying to build and support an army of impact leaders who are equipped to create change effectively and at scale, tackling women’s economic empowerment from different angles.Economic empowerment has far-reaching impacts not just for women as individuals, but for society as a whole. The economic inequalities that face a woman throughout her life influence her ability to thrive, save for retirement, achieve her own individual financial goals, support her family, and realize her own agency. We believe that financial empowerment is crucial for bringing gender equality and women’s rights to fruition.

What we believe


Women around the world have yet to realize full gender equality. They face complex issues entering and succeeding in a variety of markets, including:  

  • Representation on boards and at the executive levels of influential companies
  • A gender pay gap that persists even with adjustment for hours worked, occupations chosen, job experience, and education.
  • Women tend to work in greater numbers in positions and industries that are economically vulnerable or informal.
  • Women are less likely than men to receive venture capital when pitching.
  • Cultural perceptions and gender norms about how, when, and in what capacity women should work.
  • Women struggle with negotiating their pay, promotions, and raises at work.
  • Women are responsible for a disproportionate amount of childcare and domestic work even when employed full-time.
  • Women are less likely to succeed as entrepreneurs around the world.
Making it happen


We find and fund the best in women’s economic empowerment.

SheSyndicate provides 3 levels of service:


Our full platform solution provide a full-service offering from leadership development to funding.  Impact initiatives grow their internal capabilities and find sustainable funding. We are open to new ideas or organizations serving women that wish to scale or deepen their impact.

Human Potential

Our Human Potential Program helps leaders develop their own purpose and build skills to benefit other women as well.  Participants in the program come from different sectors from corporate executives to students to social activists. The Human Potential program is open to women who are seeking their purpose or who have found it and want help bringing it to life.

Social Impact

Our Social Impact Bootcamp provides an online training in how to jumpstart your path to purpose.  With experts from finance, business, social sector, and academics we provide the skills you need to change your mindset or your influence.