Capital Parity Project

Raise awareness and create change in the venture community for more equitable investing practices. This means whether a woman is fundraising for her next Fund or her next big idea to build a company, she should not face the challenges that are in the market today. The lack of Female Fund Managers and funding for Female Founders shows an egregious gap in the market with incredible opportunity to support and better the system. The core mission for Parity Capital is to work both from the top down and bottom up to increase capital access.
“All women deserve the same consideration as men, no exceptions!

Our Impact Initiatives


Increase capital access for gender parity across the VC landscape, from fund managers to founders. The program will use data and key stakeholders to identify a core problem that each group faces to reach this parity and a strategy to solve for this problem through programming and insights.

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Women Just Don't Get as Much VC Funding: What's the Story?

The real world often reflects big uphill challenges for female entrepreneurs.