Women in STEM

Focused around creating career pathways and long-term opportunities for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) the Women in STEM Working Group is focused on technical training and mentorship, building community with STEM organizations and employers to create a network of opportunities, and continuing to explore and expand the STEM landscape for all women.

TechSavvy Program

The inaugural Women in STEM program, TechSavvy, was born in response to the impact of COVID-19 on women in the workplace  - and the growing need to be comfortable on the computer. The program is designed to build this computer literacy through a six-week, one-on-one tutoring program. Participants and mentors meet weekly for roughly an hour to learn, practice skills, discuss personal and professional goals, and build their confidence on common applications. While the program can be tailored to best fit the participant, all will follow the general outline below.

  • Participants
  • Participants in our pilot program gave resounding feedback that the program helped build their confidence on the computer and overall. They also benefited from dedicated help troubleshooting and getting answers to questions.
  • “It's a Great program and is very necessary during this time.” – Pilot Participant
  • Volunteers
  • Being a mentor is a great opportunity to provide support to women who are making a change an investing in themselves.  This flexible, virtual volunteer opportunity is a great opportunity for working professionals and during changing restrictions in response to COVID.
  • Please note that expertise in all programs is not necessary.  Volunteers will be matched with participant show have expressed interest in strong subject areas.  Materials and support are also provided for topic that are not as familiar.
Week 1

Introductions, Goal-Setting, and Introduction to Zoom

Week 2

Overview of LinkedIn, Review and Feedback of Current Profile

Week 3

Review LinkedIn Profile, Building LinkedIn Network, Review and Feedback of Resume

Week 4

Formatting your Resume in Canva and Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Week 5

Overview of Microsoft Office and Google Suite for Collaboration

Week 6

Reflecting on Goals, Defining Next Steps


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