Corporate Equality

Building on the success of driving culture change in Australian corporations toward gender equality, the Corporate Equality Working Group leverages transferable lessons, policies, power, and partnerships to help women and communities across Australia thrive.

Our Objective

We have the power to leverage strategic partnerships with the top 5 Australian corporations (“The Big Five”) to tackle key issues collaboratively around gender equality in the workplace (fair pay, parental leave, pathways to promotion, etc.), and to create a ripple effect of gender empowerment for their customers and the communities in which they live and serve.

Our Vision

To harness the reach and influence of The Big Five, which collectively touch every Australian household at least once, to drive lasting systemic change in Australian culture around equality for women that benefits all.

  • How We Work
  • The impact we create to help women thrive across Australia (the ‘what’) is just as important as ‘how’ we go about it together.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We believe in collaboration, leveraging each others’ strengths, and building bigger together.
  • Alignment Negotiation: We believe in the power of brokering incentives across diverse players to find our common goals. We are strategic and tenacious about identifying win-win-win opportunities for all involved.
  • Democratizing Access: We believe all do better--citizens, communities, corporations, and governments--when we can extend access to resources, opportunities, information, and networks from the board room to the most rural farms.
  • Women-to-Women Networks: We believe deeply in the empowerment, possibility, and potential when women can connect with each other, share resources, foster their talents, and expand their dreams.

Our Impact Initiatives

I. Equality Alliance Event

2021 marks the 2nd annual awards event, founded in honor of International Women’s Day, to acknowledge corporations with a proven track record of pushing women’s equality forward in Australia.

II. World Class Program Access

In line with our commitment to democratizing access, we make available best-in-class women’s empowerment content and resources.  Typically only offered as benefit programs to corporations willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, we enable access to these programs to you in your home and local community for free.  We build bridges between organizations and communities, leverage the core strengths of existing curriculum models, and identify funding to extend the reach between content provider and women in need.  We currently are building a menu of women’s-focused empowerment programs and partners organizations to scale their reach across Australia.  If you are interested in learning more, helping us make these programs available in your own community, or know of other resources that could support women in their economic empowerment, please reach out and share your recommendations!

III. Community Outreach

We develop new initiatives to enable women in our communities to thrive at the grassroots level.  We leverage the network, reach, and resources of our corporate relationships to open doors for grassroots and local organizations with proven success models for impacting our most vulnerable communities of women.  Current initiatives in development include: a new mass communication pathway to share resources, information, and opportunities with women in rural and often overlooked environments; and a non-profit expansion platform that brings the funding, networks, and strategies to the table to help the best grassroots models serving vulnerable women scale and replicate to reach more women in need.


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