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We have curated a custom Women's to lead program to help women get ahead in their careers.

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Intuitive decision making and authentic leadership
Misson Driven
Purpose, mission, vision and personal branding
Influencing stakeholders and inspiring your team
Negotiating your worth in work settings and in business transactions

About the program

Our Women to Lead Executive Coaching Program supports female executives and senior leaders with their technical, financial, and emotional needs so that they can develop the character and skillset required to lead with confidence. Tremendous pressure and responsibility are on the shoulders of women in high-level positions to make strategic leadership and resource allocation decisions. The more senior you progress, the harder it is to find capable, trusted, and unbiased sounding boards for you to work through business and personal challenges, all with considerable ripple effects of consequences. The adage “it’s lonely at the top” is indeed true, and even truer for women and minority leaders. 

Our intention is to invest in you, as you invest in creating impact and opportunities for more women around you--in your company, in your community, in our society.

Why Women to Lead Now?

According to the World Economic Forum, the 257-year economic gender gap widened last year.


of global labor force participation to be closed
We are Behind
Women are persistently less present in the labour market than men: on average about 78% of adult men (15–64) are in the labour force, while only 55% of women of the same cohort are actively engaged in the labour market. This means that over 30% of the global labour force participation gender gap has yet to be closed.


of firms globally are led by a woman
We are behind
Within the labour market, gender gaps tend to widen together with seniority level: Globally, 36% of senior private sector’s managers and public sector’s officials are women, while the presence of women on corporate boards or as top business leaders is even more limited: only 18.2%1 of firms globally are led by a woman, and on average, 22.3% of board members in OECD countries are women with an even lower representation in emerging economies (e.g. 9.7% in China and 13.8% in India). 


of the income gap are still toe be bridged
we are behind
Women in similar positions as men (for seniority and skill levels) are still paid less, and income disparities are larger than wage gaps: On average, over 40% of the wage gap (the ratio of the wage of woman to that of a man in a similar position) and over 50% of the income gap (the ratio of the total wage and non-wage income of women to that of men) are still to be bridged. This difference is due partially to that fact that women encounter challenges to get to senior roles and/or to be employed in high-reward segments of the economy. 


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we are behind
Women are less likely than men to obtain revenues from non-employment activities (financial investment and entrepreneurship) where financial gains are substantially higher, with only 18.2% of firms being led by a woman. 
We stand for

Our Philosophy of Investing in Women

Investing in women is core to our DNA at SheSyndicate. We are investors of human, intellectual, social, and financial capital, and we deploy all of those sources of capital to empower women and their organizations in order to amplify impact. 
Cyclical and reinforcing layers of investing in women is baked into every aspect of our Women to Lead Program: from the intentional way we pair coaches with women to the pay-it-forward business model benefiting underserved women. We are sincere about the power, ingenuity and leadership that can emerge individually and collectively when we strategically harness the talents of women.



A proprietary blend of business, creativity and confidence coaching, customized for each individual and tailored specifically for women. Some areas our resident coaches can help you with:


Purpose, mission, vision and personal branding


Goal setting, accountability and progress tracking


Independent, unbiased career and life coaching


Negotiating your worth in work settings and in business transactions


Energy optimization and structured stress management for women


Communicating effectively and confidently


People management and conflict resolution


Influencing stakeholders and inspiring your team 

Decision Making

Intuitive decision making and authentic leadership

We stand for

Our Coaching Method & Approach

Our resident coaches help female leaders up their technical, financial and emotional game so they can scale their impact, lead with confidence and inspire change in their organizations and communities.  

Program participants benefit from a suite of tools and strategies developed and tested through hands-on experience while gaining a sounding board, accountability partner, and effective structure to help organize their thoughts and scale their impact.

Who Would Benefit

We invest in women who are leaders of impact within their respective industries, communities and organizations. Our typical Executive Coaching Program participant fits the following key criteria:

Decision-making seniority: Women in senior leadership roles, executive decision-making seats, and at the helm of wielding considerable resources (CEOs, Senior Executives, Heads of NGOs and Social Enterprises, Fund Managers, Investors, etc.).

Mission-driven purpose: Social impact leaders, specifically women who are trying to pave the way for other women; clearly mission-driven impact leaders who align their core personal values with professional pursuits.

Typically, our coaching clients are by invitation-only and referral basis. However, we invite you to reach out if the above profile and opportunity aligns strongly with you. We are open to building new relationships with women executive leaders who may not yet have crossed our networks but who deeply resonate with our SheSyndicate mission, values, and human investment thesis. 

“This program essential for all women who wish to lead” – Samantha Tan

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