Women’s Health in the Workforce

Disability does not mean inability. Focused on combating bias, normalizing health needs, and empowering women in the workforce, the Women’s Health in the Workforce Working Group is dedicated to using data, education, and a collaborative approach to help employers, organizations, and allies break down the systemic and institutional bias that exists today through more accessible employment practices, equitable pathways, inclusive cultures, health literacy, and bias training to give equal and equitable opportunities to everyone.

Our Mission

The Women’s Health in the Workforce Working Group will use a collaborative approach and open dialogue to reduce stigma, and misconceptions around many healthcare-related issues in the workforce such as disability, chronic illness, weight, and family needs that often systemically hold women back from getting jobs, pathways to promotions, stepping into visible executive roles or receiving reasonable accommodations, due to bias and discrimination.

Areas of Focus:

Stigma around illness and autoimmune health issues
Disability & reasonable accommodation issues
Chronic Illness discrimination
Weight discrimination (fat bias)
Family Needs - pregnancy, family leave
Health Literacy for inclusive and accommodating employment practices & corporate culture

Our Working Group Leaders